Past Themes & Results

Satin Slipper Past Themes & Results

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Year Theme Place
1959 Vikings 2nd*
1960 Ten Commandments 2nd*
1961 Carousel Of Roses 2nd*
1962 Polynesian Fantasy 2nd*
1963 Pagan Ritual 2nd*
1964 Las Vegas Revue 4th
1965 Salute To The Worlds Fair 2nd*
1966 American Indian 4th
1967 African Ritual 4th
1968 Brazilian Fiesta 8th
1969 Helen Of Troy 4th
1970 Land Of The Pharaohs 1st*
1971 Song Of India 11th
1972 Showtime Internatinale 12th
1973 Cleopatra Enters Rome 5th
1974 Old Original Mummers 11th
1975 Oriental Fantasy 2nd*
1976 Pharaoh 1st*
1977 Atlantis 5th
1978 Ceremony Of The Innocents 20th
1979 First Man On The Moon 14th
1980 Music Maestro Please 18th
1981 Futuristic Fantasy 12th
1982 Halloween 6th
1983 Aladdin’s Lamp 4th
1984 Aztec 11th
1985 Under The Big Top 5th
1986 Mardi Gras 5th
1987 Showtime In The Old South 8th
1988 School Daze 7th
1989 Pinball Wizard 8th
1990 Jungle Swing 5th
1991 I Need It Bad (Vacation) 9th
1992 Just Clowning Around 5th
1993 Rainforest: A Magical Thing 12th
1994 Swashbucklers Review 12th
1995 Fanasea Under The Sea 9th
1996 Play At Your Own Risk 6th
1997 Spell Bound 8th
1998 Secret Of The Golden Pyramids 3rd*
1999 Japan: Land Of The Rising Sun 5th
2000 Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves 3rd*
2001 Medieval Nightmare 6th
2002 Earth, Sky, And Spirit 2nd*
2003 The Future Is Now 8th
2004 Vikings: Quest For Valhala 5th
2005 Enchanted In Forest: Frozen In Time 5th
2006 Destination Lost: Meeting Of 2 Civilizations 7th
2007 Ghosttown: The Legend Of Boothill 9th
2008 Valley of the Trex-Primal Power 6th
2009 Pirates of the World: Keepers of the Code 5th
2010 Posedions Army: Protectors of Atlantis 6th
2011 Avatar 7th
2012 The Dragon Emperor: Rise of the Terra Cotta Army 7th/DQ
2013 Cyborgs: Rise of the Machine 8th
2014 Adventure of Enchantment) 6th
2015 Midnight at the Mansion 3rd*
2016 Born To Be Wild 5th
2017 Closing time 5th
2018 The Pagemaster 8th
2019 Clans of Scotland: A Search for the Aurora Borealis 9th
2020 “The Island” 2nd*
2022 Through The Glass: Fish Tank Adventures 9th
2023 Cave of Wonders 6th
``THE ISLAND`` (2020)

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  • Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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